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The Might Hogs of Lovely High Video

Take a look at the latest video for the book “The Mighty Hogs of Lovely High.” This book has it all from rowdy students to crusty coaches and a hapless school board. What will the school board do to ensure the continued influx of funds from their one lone supporter, Miss Lovely?

Or listen to a short clip from the audio book here.


30 September 2017 marked an important day in the life of Author Richard J. Bennett … he retired from being a City Carrier with the USPS, and now has more time (and energy) to pursue his hobbies and interests, especially writing and recording. He has finished the audible version of ‘The Mighty Hogs of Lovely High”, again (since the first recording was erased by the Computer Store while removing a virus), and is now in post-production. He has joined a local writer’s workshop in the DFW area, and spends most of his new-found freedom swimming at the 24-hour fitness, working on the yard, napping, improving what he’s already written, and has started the third book of the ‘Lovely’ series … so watch for new developments !

A Pigeon’s Tale

A Pigeon’s Tale is the latest novel from S.A. Mahan. It is available as an audio book with Richard J. Bennett as the narrator.

Young Walter is a pigeon living a simple life in a rancher’s coop when an attack sees him barely escape with his life to the big city.  When he heads south for the winter, he’s adopted by a family of ranchers … and his life is never the same.

Walter bonds especially well with the scientist grandfather who begins working with the pigeon on a secret project in which nothing is as it seems.  As a pending catastrophe looms, Walter learns all about the ancient history and hidden abilities of his kind — and comes face-to-face with his own destiny.

Surrounded by forces beyond his understanding, the fate of the earth hangs in the balance as Walter faces a struggle that challenges everything he knows.

You may listen to a clip of the narration by clicking on the audio file here.

A Pigeons Tale by S.A. Mahan

A Pigeons Tale by S.A. Mahan

This book is available on Amazon , Kindle, itunes and

Kindle E-book Giveaway

Be watching for the FREE Kindle book giveaway, Monday thru Friday, 5 – 9 January 2015, when I’ll be letting “Faith and Labor” go for absolutely zero $$ !  (Free means Free).  This is the first giveaway for 2015… so don’t ever say I never gave  you nothing !

Here’s a Link:


Richard has joined Goodreads as an author.  If you want to see his ‘Goodreads’ site, click here:

Lovely Chocolate Mob (Updated Commercial)