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The Mighty Hogs of Lovely High

Mighty Hogs Title pict

There’s more than one crisis at Lovely High: A bad economy, budget cuts, business sponsorship drying up, losing football team, teacher lay-offs looming, a deflated spirit mired in tradition and local school values. How will Principal Brenda Kirby and her administration stop the school from spiraling into mediocrity? How will boys’ counselor Don Frerichs light the spirit back in LHS? Will school board president Rick Fairless support proposed changes for modernization, or will this east Texas city demand things remain as they are? What does it take for Coaches Kevin Fields and Les Oakes to keep their football team from having another losing season? And what about the mysterious nutcase who keeps setting fire to the school? Read it all here, in “The Mighty Hogs of Lovely High”!

This book is now available as an audio book.

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