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About the Author

Richard Bennett is truly a man of letters, being a full-time Mailman who writes in his spare time.  As a city carrier he has plenty of time to think about what stories he’d like to tell. This website represents the beginning of his dream to tell the stories that he thinks about while walking his routes.  He has taken to calling himself Richard ‘J.’ Bennett, which hopefully distinguishes him from the other Richard Bennett authors out there.

Richard J. Bennett

Richard J. Bennett 2013

His books are featured in this site along with short stories and an audio-book (which is coming soon, with more to follow).

Richard also served in the U.S. Military, both Active Duty and Reserve, having retired from the Air Force Reserves as a SMSgt after 23 years total service.  The areas of the country and world where he traveled has given him a myriad of places to locate his characters. His military service whetted an appetite for the America he loved as a child, and the traditional values he cherished then come alive in all his writing.

He graduated from MacArthur High School of Irving, Texas (one of his books is about this Texas Public School… ‘Faith and Labor’), Dallas Baptist College, and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

He has chosen to write about issues and stories that are helpful and light-hearted, which can be enjoyed by people of all ages.