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A Pigeon’s Tale

A Pigeon’s Tale is the latest novel from S.A. Mahan. It is available as an audio book with Richard J. Bennett as the narrator.

Young Walter is a pigeon living a simple life in a rancher’s coop when an attack sees him barely escape with his life to the big city.  When he heads south for the winter, he’s adopted by a family of ranchers … and his life is never the same.

Walter bonds especially well with the scientist grandfather who begins working with the pigeon on a secret project in which nothing is as it seems.  As a pending catastrophe looms, Walter learns all about the ancient history and hidden abilities of his kind — and comes face-to-face with his own destiny.

Surrounded by forces beyond his understanding, the fate of the earth hangs in the balance as Walter faces a struggle that challenges everything he knows.

You may listen to a clip of the narration by clicking on the audio file here.

A Pigeons Tale by S.A. Mahan

A Pigeons Tale by S.A. Mahan

This book is available on Amazon , Kindle, itunes and

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