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Clarke Green Scoutmaster Blogger

This is Clarke Green. He has a wonderful blog about Scouting.  He interviewed Richard and it is a great listen. Not only will you discover the reasons for the book and how scouting impacted Richard’s life but you will also discover a great storyteller and someone who believes in the scouting program and it’s impact on young men – Clarke Green. So, sit back, relax and listen.

Clarke Green

Listen to the podcast.

Lovely Chocolate Mob Audio Book: NOW AVAILABLE!

That’s right. The Lovely Chocolate Mob is now available at

The Lovely Chocolate Mob Audio Book.

 Audio, The Lovely Chocolate Mob Audio Book

Richard J. Bennett

Richard Bennett has been a letter carrier for well over 20 years.  In his spare time he recently began writing books and short stories.

Richard J. Bennett

Richard J. Bennett 2013

His love of a good story shines through in all of his writing, and given the hours spent walking each day, he has a great deal of time for thinking of new characters, new places and in short – new stories. Welcome to his website.